No More Cookies

No More Cookies

Don’t leave any trace behind you, clean up your cookies!
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Every time we visit any web page, your browser will generate a file called "cookie", these files have a specific reason, every time you come back to that web site the deploy will not take long anymore it will be easily and rapidly, why?, because the file "cookie" it’s available. Now, people or companies without authorization can track you, following just your "garbage cookies". That is one of many reasons you have to make your regular maintenance. Well, let’s stop leaving cookie trail that exposes our activity.
No More Cookies software is a program without charge that will help you to clean up all your cookies leaving us "shiny and clean". Please take your time and visit the main site and read about its downloading recommendations. When you start working with the program the main menu will show you two tabs with Authorized and No Authorized options, these tabs will deploy all the active cookies you have, not all the file cookies are bad, but take a deep look regarding your cookies and delete them when you want it! This is a great tool for all kind of users, try it and you will love it.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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